wire wound resistor

wire wound resistor is an electrical passive component that limits current. The resistive element exists out of an insulated metallic wire that is winded around a core of non-conductive material.

A wirewound resistor is an electrical passive device that limits or restricts current flow in a circuit. Wirewound resistors are constructed using a conductive wire. The conductive wire is then wound around a non-conductive core. The conductive wire can be made of varying alloys and thickness to control the resistance value. Wirewound resistors are typically used in high power and industrial applications such as circuit breakers and fuses.

We offer over 20 different series in wirewound construction. which can be chosen based on mounting, application, and resistance range. Different types of wirewound resistors include Precision, Axial, Tubular, Surfacemount, and Adjustable, which all have good stability and resistance range, and are produced in many wattage sizes. The higher wattage wire wound resistors are used in High Current/Braking applications.


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