Bottom/Side Sealing And Cutting Machine

Bottom/Side Sealing And Cutting Machine Controller.

This Bag Making Machine CONTROLLER for AC Servo motor is producing the plastic bags/ polythene etc. at really very high speed and accuracy. Incorporated innovative technology, gives 100% noise free performance.This controller is manufactured in house by making use of supreme quality components, procured from the accredited vendors of the industry.We have adopted latest motion control technologies while designing this product, which ensures high speed, fine accuracy, low response time, batter servo motor and drive’s life, increases efficiency, lower jerk etc

Features specific to Pneumatic type machine:

  • Programmable timer output (Relay) for CUTTER
  • Two Programmable timer output (Relay) for the SEALER
  • Function to test each output (CUTTER,SEALER,D-PUNCH)manually using the keypad
  • 0.01 Second resolution of all timer
  • Programmable Cutter and D-Punch STROKE: Cutter/D-punch will not operate for pre-setted numbers of sealing cycles


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